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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reading a new way - on your smart phone

Because I have made my book, The Nuclear Catastrophe, available for 99 cents through Kindle version, I want to take a moment to talk about reading a kindle version on another device.  The kindle application is available for download on your computer, net book, or smart phone.  I recently was emailed a thriller by a fellow author, The Catalytic Programme, by Terry Callister:

 I had to decide how to read  this book since I didn't have a kindle or a nook or a net book.  I tried reading it on my laptop, but that proved very cumbersome in bed - I couldn't lay down and read - I had to sit up.  So since it was emailed to me I opened up the email on my smart phone (Verizon Droid).  It has apps for the kindle, nook, and .pdf files.  I had actually made the statement - I can't imagine anyone reading a book on their phone!!!  (Like who would be so crazy as to do that).  But it was absolutely perfect for reading an ebook.  The apps resize the text to whatever you like.  The phone is back lit so you can read in the dark without a reading light (at night in bed).   It's light weight - easy to hold. And when you hold the phone upright (not horizontal) the text across is just right for an eye to read in speed reading mode - you don't read individual words, you scan whole lines one at a time (for those of you who remember taking the speed reading courses - do they still teach those?)  I absolutely loved it.  AND, you have your phone with you at all time so whenever you have a spare moment - you can read.
     For those of you who think this is stupid - you better re-evaluate the future.  Paper is very expensive and will get more so as our trees disappear.  I am a paperback addict -  but I know that ebooks will soon be our main means of getting books.  So get prepared now -  download the kindle app and for 99 cents try out The Nuclear Catastrophe on your smart phone.


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