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Monday, July 9, 2012

Trashed by the Trashy


Writers have to have thick skins. And as author of “The Nuclear Catastrophe” a fiction novel of suspense, I certainly am no exception. Who are my main critics? Why, the PRO NUCLEAR group of course.

I have never said I was anti-nuclear. Instead I have stated I was anti-nuclear ACCIDENT. If we could have nuclear power without the possibility of these terrible contaminating accidents that have occurred, I would be first in line to support it. But, the acceptance of nuclear power means that one must also accept that, the worst scenario in terms of death of our population and contamination of our environment  is possible. And is that worth it?

So when I go to my book page and see critics who so clearly have not read the book they cannot even come up with a good criticism (I was a school teacher for some years – I know how to grade papers) I am amazed that they have to stoop so low. If nuclear power is defensible – then defend it. But to say “your characters are from a comic book”, “you don't know what you are talking about”, “the dialogue is wooden”, makes one wonder what kind of research THEY have done.

I'm sorry but they get an “F” in those book reports. The book was originally published in hardcover and can still be found in libraries across the United States. I brought it back out as a paperback and an Ebook because it was still being sold as a used book by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and survivalist sites on the web years after it was out of print. This week it was in the top 20% of paid kindle books.

So Friday is “Book Buy” day for a group of writers that work together to publicize our books. If you would like to join in then Friday is the day to purchase “The Nuclear Catastrophe”. If you have not read this book, then even if you are pro-nuclear, and wish to defend your cause, you can then pick items that I have brought up that relate to the role of nuclear in our lives . For the rest of you book lovers, it was written to entertain and raise nuclear awareness. I hope you will participate on Friday, July 13, 2012, and invest 99 cents.

Barbara Griffin Billig
Author: The Nuclear Catastrophe (a fiction novel of suspense) also published in paperback as:
            THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe


  1. It's good to have critics. That means people are listening and reading what you write =)

  2. The naysayers always seem to pop out of the woodwork don't they...I myself love a great debate but choose topics I have knowledge of..or keep my mouth shut :) Sorry you had tom experience this!

  3. Barbara, the nuclear discussion is one that really does need to be reopened ... especially as we as a nation try to figure out what our energy policy will be going forward. (But, as you know, nuclear as a topic is about as divisive as presidential campaign politics are these days!) Hopefully you're helping reopen it ...