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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Survival List for Nuclear Disaster

           To be on the safe side plan for 14 days
1.  Choose safe place in house - as far away from windows as possible
2.  Close all blinds and window coverings.  Close all doors.  DO NOT GO OUTSIDE.
3.  Stock your survival area with:
     a) bottled water - LOTS
     b) food encased in plastic - NO METAL (absorbs radioactivity) + Pet food + plastic cups &eating  
          ware (spoons, forks, etc) paper plates
     c) plastic bags -all sizes - for body wastes, pet wastes, garbage, etc.
     d) batteries & portable radio
     e) flashlight and batteries
    f) candles and matches
    g) bedding
    h) ice cubes in ice chest - will only last a few days
    i) clothing for 14 days and toiletries and medicines
    j) newspapers (for cleaning up messes), paper towels, toilet paper

Post this list on the inside of a cabinet or closet door.  Pretend you are going to be camping for two weeks with minimal provisions - no outside water, no electricity or gas.  Do NOT try and bring in a BBQ grill - you will kill yourself with carbon monoxide poisoning.  No fires inside - it will bring in the outside air -which will be radioactive.

Keep rotating survival type foods in your pantry so they don't get old but you do have them on hand.

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