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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Radiation sickness exposure table

The headline of 3000 microseiverts of internal radiation  being received by people within 40 miles of Fukushima converts as follows:  (each microseivert =.000001 Sv). The ENENEWS article estimates that residents have been internally exposed to up to 3.2 millisieverts for about 2 months, measuring from the date of the accident in March until early May. That converts into .0032 Sieverts (Sv).

 Up to .25 Sv there are no outward symptoms in the average adult.  But this is accumulating radiation - and radiation is like having microscopic bullets shot through your body - the more shot, the better the chances a bullet will hit something strategic in a cell......and cause its death or damage.  Also, small children in more danger.

Symptoms of acute radiation (dose received within one day):[4]

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