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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Explosion and fire at French Nuclear Plant July 2, 2011

Explosion and fire at French nuclear plant, Deutsche Presse Agentur July 2, 2011:

Google Translation

In the southern French nuclear plant Tricastin it came to French media reports of an explosion.
On the grounds of the southern French nuclear plant Tricastin, there have been media reports in France after a transformer explosion and fire. The fire department was able to bring the fire under control in the afternoon, it said on the website of the regional newspaper “Dauphine Libere” on Saturday. People were not injured. The management of the nuclear power plant north of Marseille on the incident itself did not immediately comment.
The transformer was part of the reactor block 1, which is currently shut down, and was located outside the nuclear zone. Residents had reported thick black smoke. The nuclear power plant Tricastin with four pressurized water reactors of 915 megawatts each is in operation since 1981.

Start fire in EDF power Tricastin, “Dauphine Libere”, July 2, 2011:

Google Translation

A fire broke out on the EDF power Tricastin, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux (Drôme). Residents, worried, said a column of black smoke rose into the sky.
This is the explosion of the transformer of Unit 1 plant, which is stationary. Installation is located outside the nuclear zone. No one was hurt and there was no damage to the environment.
As always when an incident affecting the nuclear site, a large number of firefighters and police converged the scene. The fire was contained to 15 h 55.

h/t Lucas Whitefield Hixson

Here is the June 15 video by Alex in Tokyo with English subtitles:

For background information about this video, see: Alex, Frenchman living in Tokyo: “All my videos regarding Fukushima have been cancelled from YouTube” — Not one left this morning

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