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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update On Things You Might Not Know

Firstly - several prominent nuclear scientists weighed in and stated they WOULD live in Japan at this time. They feel that the radiation levels away from Fukushima are at acceptable levels and that the food is being monitored properly. So, just because I am a scared person may be reflective on my lack of knowledge (this is supposed to be a fair presentation - not a rant and a rave).

Secondly - my car was stolen yesterday and here's what I learned. Take heed - the police will not even take your telephone report if you do not have THE LICENSE PLATE AND THE VIN NUMBER. Now how many of your carry your license plate number AND VIN (vehicle identification number - imprinted usually on a metal plate on the dash of your car) in your wallet? Along with the telephone number of your insurance agent? Along with the policy number and telephone number of your insurance carrier? All that was in my car's glove box - which went with the car. They police cannot and will not look up your car from your driver's license. So get organized or get frustrated.

Had Onstar and Lojac installed on the car (as well as an alarm - forget that). Onstar was disabled (by the thieves?) so no GPS tracking for the car. Car was recovered... stripped and damaged...but have not been able to get info from the police as to how it was recovered. Will tweet that next week when I sign the paperwork and hopefully someone will tell me.

Thirdly - check the BACK of your credit cards. If there is a sound wave sign : nothing on the computer keyboard can do this: ))) in ascending 1/2 circles – it means that your card can be waved in the air to radio frequency scanner credit card machines and you don't have to pull it through the machine. However, it also means thieves can steal your credit card info without touching you. They walk up near you and read the card with their machine they are carrying. Here is the link to the YouTube video showing this being done:

The video states a protective card shield should be provided by the credit card maker to prevent this. My card is from CHASE. They didn't provide me with the protective case or the info that I am at risk. Beware.

Fourthly: Thyroid cancer is increasing (some say as much as a 4 times previously). They are also attributing it (possibly) to the fact that our thyroids are not protected during dental x-rays and mammograms. Supposedly the dental shield has a flap that is supposed to cover the thyroid. My appointment is in February. I will certainly be asking for it. And supposedly during a mammogram there is a neck device that if you ask for it they will provide it. Don't know about that but I certainly will ask, also. Better safe than sorry.

Have a great day, week, .... carry your car info and protect your credit cards & thyroid. Japan is up to you.

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