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Monday, February 20, 2012


I have deemed March 11, 2012 NUCLEAR AWARENESS DAY. I am giving away a free download copy (for kindle readers) of my novel, "The Nuclear Catastrophe" (a fiction novel of suspense) on that day. Kindle readers are free for smartphones and PC devices. The free kindle reader can be downloaded at On March 11 my EBook fiction novel will be free to download at  Use this link:

  This fiction story was originally based on the San Onofre power plant though in the novel it is called San Mirado. The people of the surrounding area are caught in a worst case scenario. Let's hope this novel always remains fiction. But acceptance of nuclear power means that a worst case scenario is possible.  I am encouraging people to read what a worst case scenario would be like - and I can't imagine anyone condoning this.

On March 11, I am encouraging all Californians who haven't signed the petition to get the closing of our nuclear power plants,  to download it (, sign it, and mail it in to get this initiative on the ballot. Please encourage people to take the time to download the free kindle copy and read a fictional story of what might happen, as horrible as it is.

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