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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A fictional story, The Nuclear Catastrophe

Now that I have offered to give away a free copy of my EBook, The Nuclear Catastrophe, on NUCLEAR AWARENESS DAY, (March 11, 2012)  the comments are heating up.  I have always said I wasn't anti nuclear.  I'm antinuclear accident.  And terrible accidents have happened.  They may happen again.  The novel I wrote portrayed the possibility of a worst case scenario.  And Kevin Meyerson said it best:
The way to decide whether to use nuclear energy is to decide if you can afford the consequences of a worst-case nuclear catastrophe.

Someone wrote: the book is not good because it didn't list all the good things nuclear power does for us (or something like that).  It's a fictional story of what might happen.  It doesn't have vampires or ghosts.  It's a story that you can either believe or not.  Someone wrote "it couldn't possibly happen".  Really?  Never say never.  I am quoting when I say, "what can happen, will happen".

But the point is........each person gets to make up their own mind.  We all can think and the idea is to get people thinking, making choices, being prepared.  Don't let other people make up your mind for you.  Get your free EBook copy on March 11, 2012 - NUCLEAR AWARENESS DAY and make your own decisions.

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