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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Radiation sickness exposure table

The headline of 3000 microseiverts of internal radiation  being received by people within 40 miles of Fukushima converts as follows:  (each microseivert =.000001 Sv). The ENENEWS article estimates that residents have been internally exposed to up to 3.2 millisieverts for about 2 months, measuring from the date of the accident in March until early May. That converts into .0032 Sieverts (Sv).

 Up to .25 Sv there are no outward symptoms in the average adult.  But this is accumulating radiation - and radiation is like having microscopic bullets shot through your body - the more shot, the better the chances a bullet will hit something strategic in a cell......and cause its death or damage.  Also, small children in more danger.

Symptoms of acute radiation (dose received within one day):[4]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Survival List for Nuclear Disaster

           To be on the safe side plan for 14 days
1.  Choose safe place in house - as far away from windows as possible
2.  Close all blinds and window coverings.  Close all doors.  DO NOT GO OUTSIDE.
3.  Stock your survival area with:
     a) bottled water - LOTS
     b) food encased in plastic - NO METAL (absorbs radioactivity) + Pet food + plastic cups &eating  
          ware (spoons, forks, etc) paper plates
     c) plastic bags -all sizes - for body wastes, pet wastes, garbage, etc.
     d) batteries & portable radio
     e) flashlight and batteries
    f) candles and matches
    g) bedding
    h) ice cubes in ice chest - will only last a few days
    i) clothing for 14 days and toiletries and medicines
    j) newspapers (for cleaning up messes), paper towels, toilet paper

Post this list on the inside of a cabinet or closet door.  Pretend you are going to be camping for two weeks with minimal provisions - no outside water, no electricity or gas.  Do NOT try and bring in a BBQ grill - you will kill yourself with carbon monoxide poisoning.  No fires inside - it will bring in the outside air -which will be radioactive.

Keep rotating survival type foods in your pantry so they don't get old but you do have them on hand.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Radiation danger

Stay out in the sun too long and you will burned - even as much as 2nd or 3rd degree burns.  That's radiation.  Now medicare has approved giving 2 cat scans in one day to diagnose a medical problem.  Each cat scan is equal to 350 xrays.  So if you get two in one day that's the equivalent of 700 xrays at one time - 2 a day for a year - but all at one time.  That plus the other radiation you get ought to give you a medical problem if you didn't have one before. BEWARE!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stay or Flee

No one is going to stay around to run public transportation, police and fire services, or  open stores to sell goods.  Why?  Because radiation, once released, is going to be in the air, attached to dust particles, in the water, absorbed by metal.  Anyone who stays will be exposed to radiation.  Sunburn comes from a mild form of radiation - and you can get 3rd degree burns from Sunburn.  Just think what high levels of radiation - like from Japan's disaster - will do to a body - like bullets shooting through our cells damaging and destroying them.