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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Wikipedia is a free resource over the internet that is a fabulous source of information. I had no idea who would put this much time into providing free information for all to see. They are said to be the 5th highest internet site in usage. When I was using them today up popped some information saying they are nonprofit, run a lean organization, and are supported by donations.
Just wanted to share that info with you, as they are providing us with knowledge to further our society.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Each day we are presented with conflicting information that is supposedly factual. It is in the newspapers, it is on TV, it's quoted on the internet. So do we take a poll of how many represent one point of view versus those representing the other? Who is going to set up the voting? Who is going to do the research to determine what is fact and what is fiction?

Take the JOBS issue for a start. The 99 centers are occupying public places to bring the lack of jobs to the forefront of attention. Governor Jerry Brown of California is for a works program like we had after the last depression. But the newspapers point out that he is sitting on vast sums of California Bond money that has not been spent for jobs – it is just sitting there incurring interest that has to be paid on unused money. President Obama is for creating jobs – but the newspapers state that he might put off the decision on whether or not to build the North South XL oil pipeline until after the election – so he doesn't offend the environmentalists or the unions. That doesn't create jobs. The House and the Senate cannot agree on the budget or jobs – how long is this going to take? That is THEIR JOB.

14,000,000 Americans are out of work. At 100,000 per month additional jobs created it will take ten years to get America fully employed again.

Besides the WPA proposals (see my previous blog) :

     Bring back the jobs outsourced to other countries. Pay the same wages as are being paid in those    countries and supplement the wages with the unemployment funds.

     Set deadlines for the House and Senate and other government bodies to act – or they become unpaid until they do act. Maybe they would work at this harder.

     And think outside the box if you need a job. Don't wait until someone comes knocking on your door. Occupying the United States has made its point. Now personally create positive energy. Go occupy the waiting room of a place where you might get a job. Go every day. Call every day. Make them know you want this job. Move to a state or city where jobs are being created (and there are some). Take a lesser job to get started and work hard to get ahead. Think of a product or a service you could sell and use the internet to get the word out. Action and discipline create results.

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. Thomas Jefferson

And next, the NUCLEAR RADIATION issue.

Is it the Japan Fukushima disaster is fully under control and we have no worries – or, is it this has just begun?

The following points seem to be hotly debated:

     Is the remaining nuclear fuel at Fukushima still fissioning and releasing radiation into the air, groundwater, and sea?

     How much radioactive seawater has been created, will be created, and will circulate to the United States coasts?

     How much radioactive dust has been created, will be created, and will float over the United States, Canada, etc.

     What's a safe dose of radiation? After all we have x-rays,scans, and many forms of medical imagery.

First, there is no safe dose of radiation. A study has just been released that followed patients who had myocardial infarctions requiring various radioactive low dose scans. After five years there was a significant increase in cancer in those patients receiving the scan(s) versus the control group that did not receive the low dose radioactivity.

So it seems we should be concerned that continuing radiation being released from Fukushima (or anywhere else) is not a healthful situation. There are independent groups that have formed that are testing the radiation in the air and the seawater. There are also governmental studies by countries outside Japan. France has released over the internet various interactive maps that show wind patterns from Japan and the currents from the ocean. If the radioactive particles are out there – they are going to travel. It took only about 10 days for the winds to carry the radioactive particles to European soil. Seaweed off the coast of the United States is showing radioactivity – seaweed which is eaten by fish and then passed along to other living creatures.

I think it is time for TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) and the Japanese government to take further responsibility for the disaster they have created. Show us further proof of containment and the stoppage of contamination. Our government should be making these demands on behalf of its citizens. Is there a conspiracy of silence? Perhaps the lack of knowledge on the subject by the majority creates a lack of interest. But, a person's health is far more important than a person's money.

Barbara Griffin Billig Author: The Nuclear Catastrophe (a fiction novel of suspense)
also published as: THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe

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