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Saturday, September 19, 2015



More than 1,300 fuel rods sit in a damaged fuel pool 100 feet in the air at Fukushima nuclear plant #4. They contain radioactive cesium equivalent to 14,000 times what was released at the bombing of Hiroshima. There are some 6,000 rods in a common fuel pool nearby. There are some 11,000 rods scattered around the site. The three melted cores from units #1, #2, and #3 are missing. There are roughly 1,000 tanks holding billions of gallons of hot radioactive water that are leaking and could collapse in a large earthquake. (1)

Because the internal temperatures of the molten cores are estimated to be 5000 degrees Fahrenheit (water boils at 212 degrees F) an emergency system for the massive cooling required has been set up by TEPCO. 400 tons of water is being continuously poured into the damaged reactor buildings every day to keeps fires from occurring and cool the reactor cores so they do not explode. This cooling water then becomes contaminated by the exposed nuclear fuel. Additionally groundwater is flowing into the basements of the damaged buildings. It also becomes contaminated due to the cracked and damaged reactor containment vessels. Approximately 800 tons of contaminated water is required to be pumped up every day from the damaged buildings and treated to minimize its harmful contaminant content. This is currently being stored and/or dumped into the ocean containing radioactive cesium, tritium, and strontium.

Ocean contamination


(A) Dumping radioactive water raises the acidity of the ocean - along with other things. Raised acidity in turn fosters algae blooms. Acidification also causes decreasing oxygen levels in the ocean which lessens the amount of life the ocean can support.

(B) Algae blooms then produce toxic substances such as domoic acid, which can harm or even kill seabirds, mammals and humans.

(C) The heat given off from radioactive substances dumped into the ocean leads to higher temperatures of ocean and inland waterways along with climate change and El Nino. These higher water temperatures cause death of animal spawned eggs, young animal life, plant life, and starves the higher ups in the food chain.

(D) Death from DIC (Disseminated intravascular coagulation) occurs in humans and animals characterized by the widespread formation of blood clots in small blood vessels throughout the body. This leads to a failure of blood flow and can ultimately lead to multiple organ damage. In addition, as the coagulation process consumes clotting factors and platelets, normal clotting is disrupted and severe bleeding can occur from other body sites.

DIC does not occur by itself but only as a complicating factor from another underlying condition, such as radiation exposure. Yasser Arafat was exposed to radiation from Polonium which was found on his toothbrush. He died from DIC which was later attributed to the radiation exposure. (2) Such a death is described in fictional form to a nuclear worker in "#Betrayal" (3). There now have been autopsies of Pacific Ocean animals that show their cause of death was DIC.


Japan's International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning Authority's (IRID) has called for technologies to treat such radio-chemical contaminated water. But while solutions are being proposed, no action is being taken to implement them.

There is a petition to the United Nations to recognize that there is a problem with the nuclear pollution from Fukushima and a request for that body to take over the coordination of a solution. (


There are companies that are producing solutions - but nothing is being implemented by the Japanese. They continue to pour radioactively contaminated water into the ocean at a rate of 400+ tons a day. Typhoons and other large storms drop large amounts of water onto the molten fuel in the ground from the sky far exceeding the containment capacity and pumping abilities.

Here is what one company has said on their website and through email:

Radio-nucleotide Capture and Containment Technology

Cylenchar's patent pending CyAspis® system can isolate and act to concentrate hydrogen isotopes such as tritium, whilst at the same time precipitating caesium and strontium radio-nucleotides, binding them into a stable matrix.

The inherent radio-chemically stable structure of the CyAspis® complex acts to shield the external environment from harmful ionising radiation emitted from the contained radiochemical agents, thereby significantly reducing their inherent risk to people and the wider environment. The system may be used for long term disposal or be recycled and reused post decay of the encapsulated tritium.

Cylenchar believes that 'the solution to pollution is NOT dilution', because, as evidenced by the CyAspis process, nature can have a nasty way of re-concentrating environmental pollutants. As such, if a waste can be treated to minimise its risk, it should be treated.

Judiciously used, the CyAspis® system can negate the need to dispose of tritium contaminated waters by dilution and discharge to the environment, and thereby it can greatly reduce the radio-chemical discharge burden on the world's oceans. (4)

 Fukushima reactor after nuclear catastrophe


On 11 September 2015 at 23:28, Barbara Billig wrote:
I am currently trying to publicize any and all ways to reduce the pollution from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Can your technology decontaminate the 400+ tons of water per day that is pouring out of the damaged reactors?

Sep 11 at 4:10 PM From: Peter Hurley

To: Barbara Billig

Hi Barbara.

We believe that it does have the potential for such scale up. But we also believe that the 400 tpd could have been much reduced, had TEPCO not put their faith in inappropriate 'ice wall' technology.

To-date TEPCO have been less than flexible about their approach to their problem. Essentially those overseeing the issue are Engineers.The disaster at Fukushima was essentially due to issues of chemistry and the failure of the design engineers to recognise that the engineering of the system should have been subservient to the chemistry that could occur should the cooling system fail. Alas, even chemical engineers are not chemists.

Technical solutions can only come from a multidisciplinary approach but this appears to be lacking from the outset and I would further note its a particular problem within the power industry worldwide.

Without the flexibility from those managing the situation, externally proffered solutions will not be given a proper hearing. Thus, at present we are miles away from even being able to offer our solution to resolve this problem - and retain our shirts.

Best regards

Peter Hurley
Cylenchar Ltd


  • When and where is the WORLD CONFERENCE OF NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS to discuss the Fukushima nuclear disaster pollution solution going to occur?

  • Who is going to organize and moderate this conference?

  • Who is going to sort through proposals that could very well work?

THIS is why I have started the PETITION TO THE UNITED NATIONS to

Acknowledge there is a world problem and take over the cleanup and containment of the Fukushima, Japan, nuclear catastrophe in order for it to be done properly and timely... without further radioactive materials dumped into the oceans and world.

Is it fair for Japan to insist on using only their own people and technologies if it is harming the whole world?

Please sign - it is for all of us. 

Author: The Nuclear Catastrophe (a fiction novel of suspense) 

"#Betrayal" a nuclear fiction novel of suspens

"Nuclear Road Trip"


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Petitioning the United Nations - Fighting Extinction of the World!

The petition to the United Nations to ACKNOWLEDGE there is a problem with Fukushima dumping radioactive water into the Pacific ocean - estimated 300 plus tons of it every day - has not progressed with the speed of light.

The petition to have non-profit status for the National Football league removed got over 500,000 signatures - and the NFL lost their non-profit status. Surely there is more interest in the effects of Fukushima radiation on the living inhabitants of the world than the NFL!

Japan has now declared their leaking radioactive water a national emergency. They are beginning to ask for help. The United Nations continues to keep its head buried in the sand, hoping this problem will go away. However, we do not want the world population and its plants and animals to go away with the problem.

The IAEA has started a new study of Cesium in the Pacific Ocean near the Marshall Islands - a site of extensive nuclear testing when the atomic bombs were being developed. This is to be a benchmark for future studies of marine life. The United States contributed $400,000 to further this study. At least they are trying a small bit. But while a study such as this is a marker, it does not examine the more complex problem of what is causing the die off in the Pacific Ocean. If you read my previous blog, "Fukushima Radiation Releases DO Contribute to MASS DIE OFF", my opinion is that Fukushima is a contributing factor...and a big one that is not being contained. In fact, a study published July 13, 2015 of marine samples collected off Fukushima, all had radioactive ceasium present. (1)

Thus, the petition. There are lots of genius scientists in the world. However, where is the world symposium or gathering to share ideas and solutions? Where is a leader to coordinate the monitoring of information? Where is a group that would include antinuclear scientists as well as the pronuclear? The United Nations has had designated as one of its functions 'protecting the environment'. So far, their position seems to be coming from the pronuclear scientists who maintain nothing is wrong.

Below is a link to a video (that is somewhat on the long side)

HORROR " Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation "

This video points out:

The entire 200 kilometers we checked of Canadian Pacific Coast Line was devoid of all life except 4 main species and they are very patchy and we a found several other species like limpets and snails etc in tiny insignificant spots never in groups."

We do not want this death of our oceans to spread!

Thank you to all the people who read my blogs, my twitter posts, facebook, google+. I do appreciate you and even dedicated my second novel, "#Betrayal" (set after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe) to my social media supporters. BUT...there are THOUSANDS of you and the petition is not progressing in terms of signatures fast enough. I know it takes some time to go to the site and they make you put in an email address, etc. Your information will not be sold or shared with anyone else. Your privacy will not be violated. If you wish you can enter an address c/o general delivery at your local post office. And if each 1000 people that signed contacted two other people then 3000 people would be on the petition. The new 2000 people could create 4000 additional signatures. Then the issue of the Fukushima nuclear disaster might gain status equal to the National Football league.

There are other petitions circulating asking TEPCO to take action or somehow addressing the dumping of this radioactive water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean. I have signed each and every one of them and would urge you to do so also. Unless we stand up and be heard, make government listen, we may not be here in later years to do so. Please sign the petition and ask two other people to do so also. Thank you so much!

Click to go to web site

(1) Cs-134/137 detected from all of the marine soil samples along Eastern Japan coastal area

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fukushima Radiation Releases DO Contribute to MASS DIE OFF

Scientists reveal details of unprecedented mass mortality on West Coast that began summer 2011 — “Many millions” of deaths before sea star wasting syndrome — Multiple species wiped out in days — Mortality rate of 99.99% over large region — “No documented event has been so severe”

This blog has been updated from last week (6/7/15) Updated material appears in yellow.

There has never been an event documented with the immensity of the Pacific coast die off which began in the summer of 2011...after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. Initially tremendous amounts of radioactive materials were released into the Pacific ocean as the nuclear fuel rods melted down with temperatures above 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. The melted fuel soaked into the ground and contaminated the water  being poured from fireboats and from the tsunami. As it rains, more water is contaminated and leaks back into the seas. Tepco estimated two TRILLION becquerels of radiation may have flowed into the Fukushima power plant bay in the first  year.(1) During the ensuing days hydrogen gas was produced and huge explosions followed, blowing the plants to pieces and sending radioactive materials into the atmosphere to circle the world, to be breathed by all inhabitants, then be brought back to earth with the rains, settling in trees, cracks, dust, and once again entering the food and water chain. There is no known way to remove the melted fuel.

Testing of the ocean waters in certain spots reveals little contamination. But examination of a pod of 150  deceased dolphins washed up on a Japanese beach revealed bleached lung tissue which is indicative of radiation exposure. So perhaps there are hot spots, eddies and/or currents carrying radioactive particles. It has been said that ice has trapped fallen radioactive particles and when areas of ice melt there are radiation bursts released.

As radioactive elements break down heat is released. The ocean is noticeably warming. Carbon Dioxide is being released into the ocean from sea floor vents, perhaps from volcanic activity. That increases ocean ACIDIFICATION. But so does the release and breakdown of radioactive contaminants. It’s been over four years that hundreds of tons of radioactive water is being poured into the Pacific ocean EACH day from the Fukushima nuclear accident. And that’s not mentioning all the other nuclear facilities in the world that are leaking, venting secretly, or have abandoned nuclear materials into the ocean to get rid of them.  The acidification state favors the algae blooms that choke off oxygen and the algae releases toxins which kill marine organisms. But acidification is the start of this process leading to death.

Furthermore scientists state we can swim in the Pacific without harm so we are not to be concerned. However a human taking a swim is different than a sea animal or plant being immersed totally in a polluted ocean 24 hours a day. Year after year. One celled plants and animals form the basis of the food chain. They are not protected by skin or an outside skeleton. The ocean water and its pollution are the world in which these one cell organisms exist.When they are killed off by pollution all the other animals that depend on these tiny organisms do not have enough food. The die off begins on all levels.

Certain algae have been found to absorb radiation.  It is thought  that algae's secretions, which stick to their cell walls, absorb & retain the radioactive substances. It has been proposed that these algae be used to remove radioactive substances. But in the meantime - what about all the animals in the food chain that are eating this same algae (or other that functions similarly) that has been proven to absorb radioactive materials? (2)

In addition to lack of food, marine sealife, even those who breathe air instead of having gills or other mechanisms to obtain oxygen from the sea, have the polluted salt water flowing through their bodies constantly. There is intake for hydration, polluted water flowing through their digestive tracks, and if they have gills or like structures - constantly having the acidified and radioactive water in their bodies providing oxygen for life.  That constant immersion in polluted water for breathing and eating and existing is far different than a human in a wet suit taking a sometime swim.

The following is an example of a pollutant’s (DDT) concentration in water and how it changes throughout the food chain. Notice how the concentration is magnified as it moves up the food chain. (3) So stating the pollutant has a very negligible presence, therefore it is harmless, is not true.

A recent paper was written by an environmental scientist regarding exposure to radiation from nuclear power plants. The study showed showed the incidence of breast cancer was five times higher downwind from the WelshTrawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station than would have been expected. Nuclear waste from the plant had been discharged into its adjacent lake. Those people in the study who had eaten fish from the lake had double the expected cancer rate. (4) 

Tuna are a wide-ranging fish, along with salmon and herring, and can swim back and forth between Japan and North America in a year. Salmon and herring have declined in population dramatically. The Canada Food Inspection Agency says it now relies on Japan for test results concerning radiation. American authorities aren’t testing fish for radioactivity either. But it is obvious that these fish are being exposed to the radioactive materials dumped into the ocean from the Fukushima disaster. (5)

When cancer victims have chemotheraphy or radiation treatment, their immune systems are frequently damaged and they are more susceptible to infections, disease, etc. It is now being proposed that animals coming into prolonged contact with radioactive pollution, such as the Pacific Ocean, are dying because their immune systems cannot fight off infection. So while it cannot be proven that radiation was the cause of death - it would seem to be a contributing cause. Certainly there has never been an event documented such as is happening now in the Pacific Ocean.

Please support the petition to the United Nations: Acknowledge there is a world problem and take over the cleanup and containment of the Fukushima, Japan, nuclear catastrophe in order for it to be done properly and timely without further radioactive materials dumped into the Pacific or world.


Visit to support the petition and further nuclear awareness 


(2)Algae species can absorb radioactivity via @DoomsdaysCW
(4)elevated risk of cancer
(5)Is Fukushima Radiation Contaminating Tuna, Salmon and Herring On the West Coast of North America?

Saturday, May 2, 2015



The recent argument put forth that Fukushima could not possibly be the causation of the massive plant and animal die off in the Pacific Ocean was that 'there has been no die off reported in Japan'. Perhaps the Japanese, with their secrecy laws regarding the publication of Fukushima news, have not been eager to report more of their problems to the world. The bird life in the Fukushima area has been reported to show severe declines. But the recent beaching and death of almost 200 dolphins near Fukushima was too large an event to keep quiet. Large carcasses covered a vast stretch of beach...not a pleasant site.

Thirty experts were called in to assess the dying and dead animals. Approximately seventeen were autopsied. The one common finding seemed to be that their lung tissue was white...absent of the healthy pink color that would indicate blood was flowing through. This effect has been associated with radiation poisoning. The researchers stated they had "never seen anything like this previously and were baffled". This is becoming an oft repeated statement in the scientific world since the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

Two hundred fifty million years ago the earth went through its greatest period of mass extinction of plant and animal life. Very little survived after a sixty thousand year die off. It was theorized that volcanic eruptions turned the oceans acidic, causing a disruption of the food chain. Now scientists are theorizing the the continued release into the Pacific Ocean of hundreds of tons of radioactive water (daily) for over four years....and causing the acidification of the ocean. The decaying of dead plant and animal material is an acidification event itself.

This last major die off lasted sixty thousand years before there was very little left alive...before mankind and even the dinosaurs appeared. So are humans smart enough to stop this ...?

In fact Nuclear Engineer Chris Harris speaks about our extinction in the next twenty years from Fukushima
Question: “Do you agree that this is, essentially — if it runs the next 20 years without anything happening — basically an extinction event for a good part of the human race and higher life forms?”
Answer: Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator & engineer: “I just jotted down some thoughts really quickly, these are myths of Fukushima: Containment – there isn’t any, even though today they started off probably another failed attempt at the ice walls; Cold shutdown is a myth at Fukushima — they declared it, but there is no cold shut down there; Cooling is a myth there, because you can’t tell that there is actual cooling going to where ever the fuel is; Waste processing… mountains of plastic bags, a mountain of them — that’s waste processing?; Decommissioning is a myth; Cleanup is a myth, it’s a waste generation facility; … There is no containment; Emergency planning there is also a myth, as we have seen because of the faulty electrical systems and everything else from the makeshift system they do have running. So, I am in agreement with your statement.“

It appears doubtful the concerted effort needed can be accomplished. The Pacific is one ocean in a world that is 75% water. It seems there has been no technology developed to stop the pollution from Fukushima. That would be a large help. But no one wants to take the responsibility for the prevention of further nuclear accidents. France just warned China that the steel vendor they both were using to build nuclear plants had produced flawed steel material in their nuclear plants. Other plants are aged over 40 years...out of date...needing expensive repairs. Articles have been written that safety containment structures could be constructed that would contain a nuclear event...but that would make the electricity too expensive. On the other hand killing off the life on earth like the fruit flies that have contaminated their breeding jar, makes the other harder, more expensive solutions suddenly sound attractive.

Solar batteries produced by Tesla are already being installed in some Walmarts to reduce their electric bill during peak hours. These will eventually be available at a reasonable price to all homeowners, providing each residence or business with its own source of power. This will solve our problem of reliance on an electrical grid and certainly do away with the need for nuclear power plants. But we still will have the remaining plants and their spent fuel around for thousands of years. These are accidents waiting to happen. The earth is showing us it is far more fragile than we thought.

While many people will say it is ridiculous that the earth will die out over the next twenty years - what if that prediction happens to be true? It is time for Americans to take a stand & insist Fukushima be contained, no matter what the cost, and immediately, not later.

Amazon allows authors to reduce the price on their books for a week each several months as part of their framework for publication. Because we each reach out to contribute to the world in our own way, "Nuclear Road Trip-Onward to Destruction" is going to be reduced to 99 cents for seven days from Saturday, May 2 through Friday, May 8. It is a novel that tells the story of a group of young investigators, John, Tressa, Aadhill and Bear-Lee-a-Dog, sent to investigate an aging nuclear power plant near Chicago. They are then sucked into the web of ISIS. ISIS wants to conquer America and plans to far exceed the New York City events of 9/11. Click here for more information. This novel is meant to entertain... and perhaps raise our level of awareness.

99 cents for 1 week - May 2 thru May 8

How can you evacuate 10 million people?
Chicago - payback to Obama
What is this? The most ignored threat in the United States today -
spent fuel from nuclear power plants

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



March 11, 2015 - the 4th Anniversary of Fukushima

Massive Sea Lion die off on west coast of North America