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Sunday, September 16, 2012


SILENT WARRIORS – From  “Collapse”  a fiction novel by Richard Stephenson

“Domestic terrorists are the hardest for us to capture…..We have seen some progress capturing  waves of Silent Warriors that make it across our 7612 miles of borders.  The majority of terrorists invaders have no identification of any kind, not so much as a fake driver’s license………

The invasion of America was done in secret.  It was quiet. ….The Empire of Iran sent an entire regiment of Muslim warriors to sneak into the United States to do one thing and one thing only – install fear, panic, and paranoia in citizens of every walk of life.  Their mission was clear and they did not discriminate.  No one was off limits.

…..Arriving via Iranian submarines or by simply walking across the Mexican border, the warriors breached the US with only the clothes on their backs.  They were given no specific instructions, no target to destroy, they were simply told to be creative and improvise.”

These paragraphs are taken from the fiction novel “Collapse” by Richard  Stephenson (which I loved).

 And  assuming there is truth in fiction -destroy is what these people have done very effectively. While not every immigrant to the US is a silent warrior, there are those that fit this profile.

They are funded with cash monthly payments of $2,000 and up, per month, wired in to anonymous accounts (wire transfer receipts have been documented).  They start a business and after establishing credit and credibility run up debts to everyone and  then file bankruptcy.  They marry and have children and when divorced, fail to pay child support.  They hide money from the courts and secretly buy property.  They pay up front fees to rent an apartment or house after they have no credit and then default, causing further losses to the owner.  They destroy the unit as they take as much time as legally allowed to vacate – 6 to 9 months with no payments.

Some may  argue that born and bred Americans do this also.  That is what they are allowed to do under the laws of the country in which they were born in.  However:

These are the silent warriors……the economic terrorists coming from outside our country.  Our laws are written to protect well meaning citizens who “make a mistake”.  These are not mistakes – these are a way of life.  And these people, who have immigrated and become citizens…..should have this  citizenship revoked and sent back to their country of origin.  Sorry, but since when did we  invite people to come live here to be abusive to others?

This is like the 3 strikes law that puts you away for the rest of your life.  Here’s an immigrant who  1)defrauds creditors of money borrowed and files for bankruptcy protection (bankruptcy fraud  can be perpetuated)  2) marries and defrauds the child and wife of support   3) then  rents  and due to the laws that protect renters, can defraud the rental owner of almost a year’s income……with no punitive damages to this terrorist.  This particular case I refer to managed to buy a 40 acre piece of property for $150,000 cash during his bankruptcy and failure to pay his wife or landlord or creditors, stating in court papers he had no earned income.

And another of another many cases:

LA Times: 9/16/2012  Adel Daoud, a US citizen from Chicago, was arrested in a sting operation wherein an undercover agent provided him with a phony car bomb by pretending to be a terrorist looking  for co-conspirators.  The FBI watched him press the fake trigger.  He is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to destroy a building with an explosive.

Silent Warriors.    And I hope you read the newly updated version of my fiction novel of survival:

“TheNuclear Catastrophe”