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Sunday, October 2, 2016

STOP the $100 BILLION Nuclear Bailout!

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September 22, 2016

Dear Friend,

The nuclear industry is coming after our wallets again – and there’s more than money at stake.

And we need your help to stop them. Build the #NuclearIsDirty campaign.

For the last two years, nuclear power companies have been desperately trying to get billions of dollars in subsidies to keep their dirty, dangerous, old reactors from closing. Activists in Illinois, Ohio, and New York have been doing everything they can to stop them.

But in August, the governor of New York buckled, and included nuclear power in the state's new Clean Energy Standard: if the decision stands, New Yorkers will have to pay $7.6 billion in subsidies to nuclear power--three times as much as the state would spend on renewable energy sources, just to prop up four old nukes.

Within days, nuclear corporations were lobbying state governors and legislatures, convincing them to declare nuclear power clean energy--and give them New York-size bailouts.
Help us build the #NuclearIsDirty campaign and send the message--don't waste our clean energy dollars on dirty nuclear power.

And here’s the kicker: if other states follow New York—or the next President makes it a national subsidy—it would snowball into a $250 billion bailout. Connecticut alone would fork out $5 billion. New Jersey, $10 billion. Pennsylvania and Illinois, $30 billion each.

We have to stop this train before it starts, or it will block renewable energy for the next 15 years.
The nuclear industry acts like our energy dollars grow on trees, but in the real world, this is a choice. We need to put up solar panels on our rooftops, not prop up dirty, dangerous old nukes.

That’s why NIRS started the #NuclearIsDirty campaign. And we need your help to get the word out and build the movement.

 Over the next eight weeks, we will be taking action to let the next President, and every state Governor, know that nuclear power is dirty … from uranium mining all the way through to nuclear waste, splitting atoms to make electricity destroys lives and poisons the environment, and it has to stop. Nuclear bailouts are dirty money--and every dime that goes into them is creating radioactive waste, risking a Fukushima-like disaster, and keeping us from putting up solar panels and windmills.

We need your support to get the word out there. Over the next few months, we have to reach thousands of new activists across the country, and that means expanding our outreach and organizing.

So please make a contribution to support the campaign--and then share the #NuclearIsDirty campaign with your friends.

For the next four weeks, all donations will be tripled by generous NIRS supporters. 

Together, we will stop this nuclear bailout and accelerate the transition to a carbon-free, nuclear-free nation and world.
Thanks for your activism and your support.

Tim Judson
Executive Director
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This was sent to Barbara Billig by email and is being shared through her blog.

Barbara Billig is the author of nuclear novels of survival - meant to entertain and educate while telling a compelling story. Hope you enjoy. Please visit my website:

"The Nuclear Catastrophe" (a fiction novel of suspense) - The disaster happens in Southern California

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All profits from my novels have been donated to charity

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